About us

Story About Sofavorite Home

In the last year, we realized that although there are many kinds of items in Australia, most of the designs are not to our liking. So, we started to find ways to buy cheap and good-looking kitchen items. After a while of exploring, we found that there are actually a lot of items that are not only practical and beautiful but also very cheap. Because we found a lot of very good products, we decided to provide these products to everyone in Australia, which includes not only Kitchenware, cookware, and dinnerware. But also, homewares such as blankets, cushions, floor mats, lamps, etc., most important thing is in the process of exploration, we discovered small appliances, which have brought a lot of convenience to our life. Such as a small washing machine, which can be used to clean underwear, socks, and other small clothing separately, which is not only clean but also fast. We have always believed that people living in Australia have a demand for such items, so we will always provide you with more perfect products.

 Product Brand and Quality

 Our products include Small Appliances, Homewares and Kitchenware, etc. In order to ensure quality, every product is purchased from official manufacturers, and we cooperate with many prominent manufacturers with first-class production levels. This year, I am also honoured to cooperate with many small home appliance brand agents, such as Bear, DAEWOO, Morphy Richards and so on. All small home appliance manufacturers and agents are officially designated. In the selection of small household appliance brands, we also have a lot of popular praise in the selected field, you can rest assured to buy.

 Product Packaging

 About our product packaging. Our product packaging is in the original packaging of the original factory, and it will be checked and packaged before delivery.

 Product Logistics

 All orders placed in our store will be shipped within 48 hours. All products in our store are sent by air express, and the current time limit is about 7-20 days.

Sofavorite.com.au is the most complete, inspiring and affordable store with the best service, and advice fully tailored to the wishes and needs of our customers. Making customers feel satisfied during our shop is our goal. If you got any questions, feel free to contact us by our email: sofavorite.com.au@gmail.com.