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DAEWOO Vintage Handheld Steamer Iron HI-036

DAEWOO Vintage Handheld Steamer Iron HI-036

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  • Micro pressure increasing steam technology Strong penetration of instantaneous fold

Built-in dual-core micro supercharging heating system, 1200W high power continuous
Output strong steam, penetrate deeply into the fabric of clothes, and flatten immediately after ironing
  •  Fine molecular dry steam Iron and wear wet clothes

Dual core micro pressurization atomizer steam into a dense and delicate
Dry steam, with a triple anti-drip system,
No condensation, no water spray, and you can iron and wear it as soon as you iron it.
  •  Triple anti-drip system No condensation, no water spraying

35s fast preheating Warm up time increased by 41%
35S preheating, shaped steam support, fast and smooth clothes
  • Upgrade shaped ring design Wrinkle removal and shaping in one step

Upgrade the panel of shaped charge ring with steam guide groove,
Gather steam to lock steam temperature for a long time, which is more conducive to a large area
Soften wrinkles, quickly smooth clothes,
Ceramic oil smooth large panel Greatly improve ironing efficiency
Smooth large panel, one shirt can be quickly ironed two times, and high-quality ceramic oil coating can prevent scratches without snagging, so you can take good care of your clothes
  • Dry perm steamer [steam scald]
Press and shape at 140 ° C under dry ironing conditions, with constant temperature care
Clothing fibre; Two gear steam mode, delicate protective clothing
No season
  •  Deep sterilization and acarid removal is a clothes disinfector

High-temperature steam disinfects clothes, strongly disinfects and removes mites, dispels odour, and ensures the cleanliness of clothes, adding a safety line of defence for family health
  •  Intelligent cleaning mode Refuse heating element to store scale

After preheating, press and hold the first and second gear steam buttons for 3 seconds to start the cleaning mode, and conduct regular self-cleaning to better improve the ironing effect.

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